Hitman 3: A Tribute to the Past and a Breath of Fresh Air

Hitman 3 developers from Io Interactive have shared new details about their upcoming project. Most attention was paid to game modes.

Hitman 3 game modes

Io Interactive revealed that in the third installment of the game, Agent 47 will go on the most important missions of his life. After completing the last contract, the world will never be the same again, no matter what that means.

The mode of contracts migrated from the previous parts. Agent 47 is given 2 days to eliminate the victim of the contract. In addition to this, it was not marked on the map in any way, and the search had to be carried out on fragmentary pieces of information.

A special type of contracts where, in addition to eliminating the victim, there are additional murders. For example, to kill the victim only with melee weapons, to eliminate in a certain place, and so on.

In this mode, the users themselves create contracts. Essentially an analogue of Esalations.

The name speaks for itself. We go to the specified point, get a sniper rifle, eliminate the assigned targets. The main highlight of the mode is interactivity. You can complete the task in various ways: by exploding gas cylinders, breaking interior items, and so on.

Multiplayer for two players. Two players appear on separate servers and receive a task to exterminate the same victim. The winner is the one who does it faster and goes unnoticed.