Horizon: Zero Dawn Coming To PC Tomorrow

The 2017 hit, Horizon: Zero Dawn, hits PC on August 7. Two days earlier, the bans on the publication of articles and videos related to the gameplay were lifted. The 30-minute video was posted on the YouTube channel of the Australian division of Kotaku.

Horizon: Zero Daw is coming to Steam and Epic Games Store in full build. The Complete Edition includes the original game and The Frozen Wilds expansion. Also, the PC-port of the project has its own features, including:

As noted by popular publications, the port of the game is decent, but questions arise. Sometimes texture loadings are visible, fps drops in rare moments, and anisotropic filtering settings do not work. Perhaps these problems will disappear with the hardware with "maximum" parameters.

Everyone will be able to try the game tomorrow. While preloading is available on Steam. The game will take 67.12 gigabytes of hard disk space.