Rumors: Sony's next big showdown will take place in August

A few days ago, an anonymous source close to PlayStation said that Sony has at least a few events scheduled for August 2020. We already know the date of the first presentation - it will take place on August 6th. The question remains when to wait for the next one, if the rumors are confirmed.

The veracity of the information obtained by Bloomberg is added by the words of famous insiders, including Jeff Grubb. A VentureBeat journalist said in one of his posts that August will be the month of the "console price wars."

It looks like Sony is announcing the price and release date of the next generation console at the second big presentation. In terms of game announcements, insiders say that Final Fantasy XVI has been in development for a long time and is close to release. Also, with a high degree of probability, the event will show God of War 2.

The date of the second event may be announced tomorrow, July 6th. Also tomorrow Sony will show games from partners for PS4 and projects for PlayStation VR.