FaZe Clan and Verizon signed a partnership contract

The partnership agreement will provide new opportunities for both regular FaZe Clan players and content makers. Cooperation will mainly concern the holding of live events.

FaZe Clan CEO Jaycee Hayes comments:

“FaZe Clan is incredibly proud to be in business with Verizon. Their 5G network built for gamers is truly going to help our business by supporting our competitive players, our streamers and content creators by unlocking new capabilities in technology. We look forward to unveiling unbelievable custom content in the coming months, furthering our livestream programming and working together on experiential marketing for gaming consumers and our extremely passionate FaZe Clan fan base."

For Verizon, contracting with an esports representative is nothing new. The company previously partnered with the American League of Legends, LCS.

The beginning of the collaboration between FaZe Clan and the telecommunications company was also commented on by John Nitty, Media Director of Verizon:

"We are excited to team up with a partner like FaZe Clan to demonstrate the power of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wide Band network to their massive gaming community. This partnership will enable opportunities to bring gaming content, entertainment and events to the next level for players, fans, and content creators around the globe."

It should be noted that for Verizon, the option of such cooperation is quite profitable, since FaZe Clan is known not only within the framework of e-sports media, but also go beyond them. Thus, the telecommunications company will be able to expand its influence on the gaming industry.