Crossplay in Apex Legends will be adjustable

Fall 2020, Apex Legends Battle Royale hits Steam and Nintendo Switch. In honor of this, the game will be cross-play between all available platforms. Respawn programmer Jake Smullin shared information on the implementation of a cross-platform game.

According to Jake, the crossplay will work in such a way that console players can only get caught in the same match with PC players if they also have a PC player in the squad. This approach will help equalize the chances of the players and make the matchmaking more balanced.

Crossplay serves to enable players to play with each other on different consoles. Respawn does not pursue the goal of forcibly uniting players of all platforms in one match.

The release of Apex Legends on Steam is scheduled for fall 2020. In honor of the release on the Valve site, players will receive special keychains in the style of Half-Life and Portal. Respawn also plans to release a mobile version of the battle royale by the end of 2020.