Read Dead Online's Largest Update in Game History

More recently, players in Read Dead Online held a flash mob in which they began to dress up as clowns. They argued for such actions by the fact that they were already tired of not receiving any innovations in the game for months. Most likely it indirectly influenced Rockstar.

Rockstar Games, on the official website, announced the imminent release of a global update. On July 28, players will be able to try out all the innovations. Rockstar will add new frontier fishing, a new role to “explore” naturalism, and a new Gang Pass.

According to Rockstar, the new content in the game will last for many months. Players will finally have something to do.

Rockstar Games are also preparing to update their other multiplayer project - GTA Online. It is likely that the summer update for GTA Online will add a new heist to the game in a unique location.

More information on Rockstar's multiplayer innovations should be expected in the coming days.