Former CEO Na'Vi bought the Dnipro hotel

The other day, the founder of the esports organization Natus Vincere and the former CEO of the club acquired the Dnipro hotel. The hotel in the capital of Ukraine was purchased for 1 billion hryvnia at an auction.

ZeroGravity commented on the purchase on their Facebook page. According to Kokhanvsky, he and his partners intend to turn Dnipro into a hotel fully prepared for esports events: “It will include not only the attributes of not only the attributes of a top hotel (restaurants, bars, SPA-zones and fitness centers), but and unique e-sports elements: training facilities, an e-sports stage, special rooms for professional players, as well as a player 'lounge ”. The Dnipro Hotel will be the first part of a huge cybersport infrastructure that Alexander plans to implement.

ZeroGravity also noted that the purchase was successfully completed by joint efforts. In the acquisition he was assisted by a group of partners, as well as investors who are able to implement an ambitious project. ZeroGravity wanted to wait for the presentation of the Ukrainian Professional Cybersport Association, but decided to share the investment almost immediately after the purchase.