Phil Spencer talks about the Xbox launch lineup

Xbox chief Phil Spencer was interviewed by Polygon. In it, he shared his thoughts on backward compatibility and also talked about the Xbox Series X starter lineup.

The focus is on making the transition between Xbox generations easy, Spencer said. The head of Xbox noted that the company is making every possible effort to realize this. Spencer noted that they are trying to create a whole ecosystem around the Xbox. Even games from internal Microsoft studios will launch not only on Series X, but also on its predecessor, the Xbox One.

Aside from backward compatibility, a huge amount of attention during the conversation was given to the Xbox Series X starter lineup. According to Spencer himself, Series X is in "the best starting position in Xbox history." At the same time, Spencer noted that for them the main thing is diversity in projects and they are trying to give a "word" to authors with a special vision in the industry.

We will find out more details about the Xbox Series X and new exclusives on July 23 at the Microsoft presentation. We are also waiting for announcements on Halo, Gears, Forza and other "classic" Microsoft projects.