New details on canceled Valve projects

He recently released a documentary interactive book he Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx. It contains information on how Half-Life: Alyx was created. In addition to this, Jeff Killy, the founder of The Game Awards, spoke about the company's canceled projects. Among 10 games, 5 were in the Half-Life universe.

  1. Half-life 3

The game was really developed, but the project was closed in 2013. The third part was supposed to be the first game on the Source 2 engine. Due to the ambitious desires of Valve to combine plot pieces created manually, with the help of procedurally generated levels, the idea failed.

  1. Left 4 Dead 3

The continuation of the cooperative shooter was supposed to be an open world game. The action took place in Morocco, and of the features was a huge cluster of zombies. More than 1,000 models were supposed to appear on the screen at the same time.

  1. Nameless RPG game

The unnamed project was developed under the inspiration of TES, Dark Souls and Monster Hunter. The game did not advance beyond the concept, although Valve tried to remake it into a single-player game about Ax from Dota 2.

  1. Borelias and 2 more VR games

VR project about time travel. Actions took place on the ship of the same name in the Half-Life universe. In addition to Borelias, projects were developed under the name of SimTrek and Shooter.

In addition to the above games, the company developed a virtual reality helmet Vader, which turned out to be too ambitious. The book also mentions a project that Valve has been working on since 2018.