The creators of ARMA may release two new games

Recently on the Reddit forum there was information about the possibility of two games from the creators of the military simulator ARMA. Bohemia Interactive are planning to make a presentation of two projects from the ARMA series. Information about this was leaked to the network by insiders.

According to what is written in the presentation, Bohemia Interactive completely switched to their own Enfusion game engine. It was first introduced in 2021. Big ambitions require big resources from Bohemia Interactive. So far, the developer studio has not been able to realize all its desires in the fourth part of ARMA. They need more time for this. Nevertheless, the developers also do not want to delay with some new products. They are planning to release some kind of large-scale, premium-quality ARMA demo. This “probe” will be called ARMA Reforger, which will cost those who want to buy the title at a decent price.

According to Bohemia Interactive, there are no plans to add paid add-ons or microtransactions to the game. However, BI does not rule out considering adding such content in the future.

As for the setting and narration of the game, this time the action of the title will unfold in 1989 on the island of Everon. The game world will still be quite impressive and will be 52 square kilometers. Like many titles and trends, the fourth part of ARMA will be rendered in order to expand the game's audience. However, the title will retain the main features of the gameplay mechanics and other features that stood out due to the tactical and strategic component. Besides, simplifying the game would serve another purpose of Bohemia Interactive. The developer of computer games plans to release the game not only on personal computers, but also to try his hand at the console games market. Such a move, as mentioned earlier, will allow them to attract new players who prefer playing on game consoles to gaming on computers. ARMA 4 should visit the previous generation consoles represented by Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will spread to modern game consoles, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. This, by the way, applies not only to ARMA 4, but also to ARMA Reforger. If the information about multiplatform is clear, then in the case of crossplay, things are a little different and the players have relevant questions for the developers.

Crossplay is the ability to play on the same servers together with players from different gaming platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. So PC players can play together with their friends who own PS5 and Xbox Seires X/S

Bohemia Interactive recently announced a live stream, in which the developers want to talk in detail about the future of the ARMA series and answer questions from fans of the series. The stream is scheduled to begin on May 17th. If their plans do not change, then it will be possible to connect to the broadcast at 18:00 UTC +0.

Bohemia Interactive is known for developing hardcore military simulations that focus on the tactical and strategic components of the game. Their games have gained great popularity due to the ability to create modifications for released titles. The game was especially popular with the DayZ modification, which takes players to the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus, in which they have to fight to fight for their lives in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and hostile people.