Studio GSC Game World may move to the Czech Republic

According to Vortex, the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World will move to the Czech Republic. Part of the team has already gone to the country to resolve formal issues and apply for doing business. It is reported that the development team will open its new office in Prague.

The first information about the relocation of the studio appeared on social networks. Later, the fact of negotiations was confirmed by the chairman of the Czech Association of Video Game Developers Pavel Barak and another insider of the publication. He confirmed that negotiations on the relocation of the studio really took place and GSC Game World is really considering relocation to the Czech Republic.

They needed our help in resolving legal and labor issues.

It is added that GSC Game World has not made a final decision regarding its move to the Czech Republic. In addition, the Ukrainian studio was interested in the process of creating an office in the United States.

Probably, in the new country, the team plans to continue the development of STALKER 2, the release of which has been postponed until at least December 2022.

Earlier it became known that the GSC Game World studio temporarily froze the development of the STALKER 2 shooter. The company also decided to stop selling all its projects in Russia.