12 March in eSports world


12 March in eSports world

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  • Player of the team GamersOrigin - Ilyes “Stephano” Satouri (25 y.o., StarCraft II)
  • Player of the team DuSt Gaming - Nam “PenguiN” Yoon Seok (22 y.o., StarCraft II)
  • Ex-player of the team Planetkey Dynamics - Andre “Nooky” Ytesch (32 y.o., CS:GO)
  • Ex-player of Miraculous Youngster -Zhang “YangX1aoLg” Zhihao (21 y.o., Overwatch)


  • On 12 March 2012 the tournament Dota2Replays Brawl, taking place in the online format. Four collectives took part in the competition and Mousesports with their captain SingSing became the winners. They managed to win 3:1 over compLexity at the grand final. Then they gained about $4,000.