Rumors: Early Access to Halo Infinite Multiplayer Opens Today

Today, November 15, 343 Industries and Microsoft may open early access to Halo Infinite multiplayer. Several sources point to this at once.

First, today Halo and Xbox are celebrating their 20th anniversary. In honor of this, a holiday broadcast will take place at 19:00 CET, where the announcement of the launch of Halo multiplayer into Early Access will most likely occur.

Secondly, Google, when issuing a request for Halo Infinite, specifies today's date as the release date. Infinite will not officially debut until December 8th, when the game's paid campaign launches.

Finally, insiders and content makers are talking about the early access release of the Halo multiplayer mode. So, this was hinted at by Tom Henderson, the author of the YouTube channel Nate The Hate and a Twitter user with the nickname HaloDotAPI.

One way or another, the secret will come true today. If Early Access launches today, it will be announced in nowhere other than the Halo and Xbox Anniversary Celebration Broadcast.