Storm Spot, Ash, C.A.R Submachine Gun and More in Apex Legends Season 11 Trailer

Respawn Entertainment continues to prepare the Apex Legends community for one of the biggest updates since the release of Battle Royale. We were previously shown the story of Ash, a simulacrum from Titanfall 2, who will be the new playable character in Apex Legends, and yesterday we presented a trailer dedicated to other innovations of the season "Escape".

In addition to the new legend, a new map will also appear in the game. It will be the paradise island "The Place of the Storm", which seems pleasant and calm only at first glance.

The Place of the Storm will be the largest map in the history of Apex Legends. It will be possible to travel around the island using previously unseen methods, and the mountain in the center of the map will become the highest point of the royal battle.

It will be possible to fight at the "Place of the Storm" with an updated arsenal. A CAR submachine gun will appear in the game, capable of firing light and heavy ammunition, depending on the situation.

Of course, "Escape" will not do without a fresh Battle Pass with cosmetic content. It will be described in more detail in a separate trailer, as it was in previous seasons.