Something went wrong - Xbox Game Pass audience growth rate was lower than expected

Microsoft said in its report to the US Securities Commission that the growth of their audience on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service was not as strong as they expected to see it. According to their assumptions, the number of users in the period from July 2020 to June 2021 should have increased by 47.79%. In fact, this number turned out to be much more modest and amounted to only 37.48%.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that allows users to save money on game purchases and, for a monthly fee, get a library of games available there and play as many as they like. The service works both on Xbox consoles and computers, and even on mobile devices. Audiences with an iPhone cannot use Xbox Game Pass, which cannot be said for Android users with xCloud.

Earlier, we talked about some changes to the Xbox Game Pass library in October. If you missed this news, then we invite you to read the material. It is noteworthy that Age of Empires IV will be available to service subscribers immediately from the moment the game is released, which may restrain them from buying a full-fledged title.