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Meet Rick Fox, the owner of Echo Fox, an organization that's competing in multiple eSports scenes. In this exclusive interview by theScore Esports, let's see how well he knows the game as the owner of a team that's in the NA LCS.
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ESWC 2016 hosted in France from October 27 till 30 is over. The event was held as a part of Paris Games Week exhibition. In the grand-final between Alternate Attax and Team LDLC, the fGerman team managed to take the main prize.
Bulgarian roster played for Swedish organization for the past few months. Organization and players decided to stop further cooperation by mutual agreement.
iBUYPOWER Masters 2016 is over with the victory of Immortals who defeated Cloud9 in grand final. Despite the loss, Cloud9 will join IEM: Oakland together with FaZe Clan, TyLoo and Brazilian players from Immortals.
Enjoy watching some of the best, most hilarious, game changing Yogg-Saron plays of all time? Look no further! You can find all of the best recorded Yogg-Saron clips assembled by some of the communities most well known content creators right here!
Social networks are full with breaking news - a global reshuffle in OG roster. OG is a European team that has won Valve tours twice.
The last matches to pass to ELEAGUE Season 2 grand-final are over, and now we know the names of the teams that will compete for $400,000 prize.
Blizzard Entertainment's 'Global Games' Competition, featuring primarily Hearthstone players and locations, including team-based gameplay and a cozy prize pool!
Swedish teams GODSENT and Fnatic updated the rosters again. The big reshuffle happened on August 15. JW, KWiMZ and flusha joined GODSENT while twist, wenton and Lekr0 transferred to fnatic.
The next competition will be hosted by Brooklyn's Barclays Center arena.
Blizzard has announced new accessories for devices available for retain at the end of the spring. Lothar and Durotan figures, portable usb flash drives looking like weapon and symbols of factions. Blizzard is good at marketing.