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The transfer window after The International 2017
All transfers are gathered in one place.
TnC Pro Team will preserve their roster for the upcoming season
Lord Matus2017-08-21T12:24:48.765Z
Today, the Philippine organization announced that Dota 2 roster will continue to play in this season without any changes.
GODSENT signed dennis, pyth will replace pronax on EPL
Lord Matus2017-08-21T12:04:55.402Z
GODSENT about several replacements that took place in the roster.
Rumors: Fear could return to EG, and Resolut1on could join OG
Lord Matus2017-08-21T12:01:45.013Z
One of the Reddit users under lgdamefan nickname offered his variants of rosters for such teams as Fnatic, EG, OG, Digital Chaos and ppd team
North signed valde
Lord Matus2017-08-21T10:55:35.093Z
Valdemar «valde» Bjørn Vangså joined North. This information was approved by a Danish esports organization.
Valve released patch 7.06f for Dota 2
Lord Matus2017-08-21T08:40:33.468Z
Valve updated Dota 2 to 6.07f version today. Developers weakened many heroes and changed few items.
ESL announced on their official website detailed information about playing days of the first upcoming LAN-tournament for PUBG, Gamescom Invitational 2017.
On the official website of WESG 2017, the information about the upcoming esports championship appeared recently.
Splyce announced completing the roster for CS:GO team by signing mitch and DAVEY.
According to information published on, OpTic Gaming will cooperate with European professional players.
Recently, the information appeared that Peter «ppd» Dager, CEO of Evil Geniuses esports organization, wants to participate in several tournaments.
Today, management of The Alliance organization announced about changes in Dota 2 roster on their official website.