xPeke and Cyanide left Origen

Enrique «xPeke» Martinez and Lauri «Cyanide» Happonen left Origen roster. The data about esportsmen’s contracts were deleted from the Riot Games official base.

Previously, Enrique Martinez told about selling Origen slot in Challenger Series.

Enrique «xPeke» Martinez combined the positions of the esports organization owner and a player in a team. In 2015 – 2016, xPeke played on Mid position, and later he was a reserve for support and carry. In 2015, Cyanide also belonged to Origen organization taking the position of streamer, analyst and Jungler in reserve.

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The first performance for Origen was a success: the team took the second place on EU LCS Summer Split 2015 and moved to the semi-final of World Championship Season 2015. In EU LCS Spring Split 2017, Origen demonstrated awful results and were forced to play on EU LCS Summer Promotion Tournament 2017. They also did not manage to demonstrate sufficient results on Promotion Tournament and were dismissed from EU LCS league.

As for Challenger Series, Origen decided not to participate in this league. Enrique «xPeke» Martinez, the owner of organization, announced this information.