Two players left SK Telecom T1

Two players of SK Telecom T1 left the eSports club after the end of the contracts. The jungler Han «Peanut» Wang-ho said that had made a decision about the departure and would start the new season on the roster of the other club and the future of the substitute mid player, Kim «Sky» Ha-neul is unknown. SK Telecom T1 has parted ways with the guys and has given them statuses of free agents and the information about other members of the main roster will emerge a bit later.

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Both players joined the organization before the start of the 2017 season. Peanut was replaced by the second jungler from time to time and Sky didn’t have a slot on the main roster and he missed all main championships. Recently, the team reached the grand final of 2017 World Championship, however, lost to Samsung Galaxy in the final match.

The actual roster of SK Telecom T1:

Heo «Huni» Seung-hoon
Park «Untara» Ui-Jin
Kang «Blank» Sun-gu
Lee «Faker» Sang-hyeok
Bae «Bang» Jun-sik
Lee «Wolf» Jae-wan