The first details of LoL Continental League 2018 emerged

[The format]

The format of the league remains unchanged in the spring split. During the regular season, 8 professional teams will play against each other twice in bo1 matches. Four best teams will go to the playoffs, according to the results of the regular stage, to determine the CIS champion. The playoff matches are run in a bo5 format.

The winner of the split will earn 2 000 000 rubles and a right to represent the region at the international championship (Mid-Season Invitational 2018 is in spring, World Championship 2018 is in summer).

According to the results of the split, two teams with the lowest number of points will get to Promotion Tournament, where they will face two best teams from Contenders League. The winners will receive a right to play in Continental League in the next split.

[Changes in the structure of payments]

In the season 2018, we want to meet an important challenge – to improve the commonwealth of organizations and players of Continental League and at the same time to increase their motivation for a high sports result.

Last year we had a lack of factors that motivated teams to play for a victory – to fight to the end of every match, despite its relevance. In this regard, we introduce three innovations that, we hope, will help to solve the situation.

  1. The bonus system.

A player will earn additional 10 000 rubles for each match that is won in a regular stage of the split. For example, if a team wins all matches of the season 2018, every player will earn additional 280 000 rubles.

And a minimal compensation from Riot Games to players will amount 600 000 rubles per year. In such case, the basic financial support from Riot Games will not change, compared to the last year (payments for a single player will remain the same in average) and teams will have a motivation to win every match.

  1. The distribution of a prize pool

A prize pool will grow a bit again – it will amount 10 000 000 rubles in a new season. But what is more important, the logic of its distribution will be changed: unlike previous seasons, grabs will be distributed only among teams that have passed to the playoffs. This change is made to support the competitional aspect of Continental League.

  1. The distribution of advertising revenues.

The time has come to make a step to forming collective revenues of organizations and Continental League – this year we will start using practices of other sports disciplines and Riot Games regions in LCL.

In the season 2018, the revenue from sponsorships and advertising contracts of Continental League will be distributed among organizations and Riot Games. The distribution of revenue among teams will depend not only on sports results but on viewers awards that are expressed, among other things, in views of matches of the teams.

[The list of participants]