Tempo Storm signed SELFIE and LS

The North American organization has acquired two new members of the League of Legends team.

The Polish cyber-sportsman Marcin «SELFIE» Wolski, who held the Mid Lane position, and the representative of North America Nick «LS» De Cesare, who became the new coach of Tempo Storm, joined the team.

LS and SELFIE together with the team will take part in NA Challenger Series Summer 2017. Jørgen «Hatrixx» Elgåen, who previously had played on the Mid Lane position, left Tempo Storm. The player is a free agent at this moment and there is no information about where he will continue his career of a cyber-sportsman.

The Pole Marcin «SELFIE» Wolski will move to North America to train together with his team. Nick «LS» De Cesare will work remotely as he will comment matches of LCK Korea at the same time. The League of Legends roster of Tempo Storm was created in 2017. The team lost against Coin United in the semi-final of North America Challenger Series Spring 2017.

The roster of Tempo Storm:

Diego «Quas» Ruiz
Kevin «Zentinel» Pires
Marcin «SELFIE» Wolski
Aleš «Freeze» Kněžínek
Jamie «Sheep» Gallagher