Team SoloMid got a roster for 2018 season

The representatives of Team SoloMid announced the information about starting LoL roster for the next NA LCS season.

Jesper «Zven» Svenningsen, ex bottom lane of G2 Esports, and ex support of G2 Esports, Alfonso «milthy» Aguirre Rodriguez joined the team.

The rumors that these players are going to join Team SoloMid appeared on November, 19. The first one to announce this information was DeKay, the insider who invoke the rumors.

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Team SoloMid preserved two players from the previous roster: toplaner Kevin «Hauntzer» Yarnell and midder Soren «Bjergsen» Bjerg. Doublelift left the team after getting a great offer from another organization. There are rumors, that he will play for Team Liquid in the upcoming season. There is no information were Vincent «Biofrost» Wang, who played on the support position, will continue his career.

Team SoloMid roster:

Kevin «Hauntzer» Yarnell
Mike «MikeYeung» Yeung
Soren «Bjergsen» Bjerg
Jesper «Zven» Svenningsen
Alfonso «milthy» Aguirre Rodriguez