Team Empire to replace players in League of Legends roster

Team Empire replaced Maxim «MID666» Tarasov and Roman «Ques» Generalov by Finn «Finn» Weistall and Paris «SpArkS» Outis-Dimitriadis. The team announced about that on their official website.

Flipp «Haduken» Romanov, the coach of the team told that the decision to change roster was taken after unsuccessful match against Gambit Academy with 0:2 score. Management of Team Empire announced that the esportsmen who left the team are strong players, but they do not suit the team strategy.

On January 24 Team Empire announced a new League of Legends roster for 2017 season. Currently, Team Empire LoL roster did not manage to show some impressive results and the management decided to make changes in the roster.

Team Empire:

Paris «SpArkS» Outis-Dimitriadis (mid lane)
Vladislav «Antariys» Smorodin (support)
Finn «Finn» Weistall (top lane)
Alexander «Pyrex» Stepanenko (jungle)
Vladislav «Kinzu» Belokon (AD Carry)