Team Dignitas signed Kim «Ssumday» Chan-ho and Lee «Chaser» Sang-hyun

Team Dignitas  announced at their official website signing of two League of Legends players. These players are Kim «Ssumday» Chan-ho, playing at Top Lane position, and Lee «Chaser» Sang-hyun, playing on Jungler position.

Kim «Ssumday» Chan-ho has been playing for KT Rolster since 2013. Participating in World Championship 2015, he lost the quarterfinal match against ROX Tigers. In 2016, Samsung Galaxy team defeated KT Rolster in the competition for the invitation to World Championship 2016. In November 2016, the player left the team, and now he is joining Team Dignitas.

Lee «Chaser» Sang-hyun has been playing for different teams of Jin Air Green Wings for the past two years. In the end of 2015, he decided to transfer to LongZhu Gaming. Being a part of the team, he could not get to the play-off matches of Spring Split and Summer Split. Perhaps, Lee «Shrimp» Byong-hun left the team, but the official statement has not been announced.

Team Dignitas managed to become one of the best teams in 2013, receiving the direct invitation to North America LCS. After the failure in North America LCS Spring Split 2016, the team dropped to the Challenger Series of the League. The organization used Apex Gaming’s slot to join the play-off of the second division, but this attempt also was a failure. Recently, NBA «Philadelphia Seventy Sixers» decided to buy Team Dignitas and bought Apex Gaming’s slot in North America LCS for the organization.

Team Dignitas current roster:

Kim «Ssumday» Chan-ho — Top Lane
Lee «Chaser» Sang-hyun — Jungle
Lae-Young «Keane» Jang — Mid Lane
Apollo «Apollo» Price — AD Carry
Alex «Xpecial» Chu — Support