SSONG became a coach for LongZhu Gaming

The information that ROX Tigers coach transferred to another organization appeared on the official LongZhu Gaming Facebook page. Previously, Choi «supreme» Seung-min was a team coach, but he tore contacts with the organization and left the team together with the players.

Kim «SSONG» Sang-soo started his coaching career in January 2015 for ROX Tigers organization. The team ruled by SSONG managed to become champions of 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup and LCK Summer 2016 and take second places on LCK Spring 2016 and World Championship 2015. The latest event for Sang-soo in the coach position for ROX Tigers became the World Championship 2016. The team took 3-4 place.

A few days earlier, Kim «PraY» Jong-in and Kang «GorillA» Beom-hyeon previously playing for ROX Tigers, joined the organization.