SK Telecom T1 signed Heo «Huni» Seung-hoon.

The information about signing a new player for Top Lane position appeared at the official Twitter account of the organization.

Heo «Huni» Seung-hoon started his career of esportsman in League of Legends in January 2015. Playing for Fnatic, he became spring and summer champion of EU LCS 2015.

During the whole year, since December 2015 till December 2016, he player for Immortals. Together with this team he managed to win the main stage of NA LCS 2016 Spring.

In 2016, SK Telecom T1 became world champions after winning The World Championship 2016. Recently, the changes occurred in a roster. Lee «Duke» Ho-Seong, who was playing at Top Lane position, and Lee «bengi» Ho-Seong, playing for Jungler, left the teams. Except for the players, a coach of the team Lee «PoohManDu» Jeong-hyeon also left the team. At the end of November, Yoon «Peanut» Wang-ho, ex-Jungler of ROX Tigers, joined the team.

SK Telecom T1 current roster:

Heo «Huni» Seung-hoon — Top Lane
Han «Peanut» Wang-ho — Jungle
Lee «Faker» Sang-hyeok — Mid Lane
Bae «Bang» Jun-sik — AD Carry
Lee «Wolf» Jae-wan — Support