Saintvicious joined Team Liquid

Esports organization Team Liquid announced that ex-coach of Team Dignitas, Brandon «Saintvicious» DiMarco joined their team. It was announced at YouTube channel of the organization.

Brandon «Saintvicious» DiMarco started his career of professional League of Legends player in 2011. He played on Top Lane position in Team SoloMid and on Jungler position in Counter Logic Gaming. He has been a player for the next 4 years, but decided to become a coach. He was a member of such organizations as Team Curse, Curse Academy, Gravity and Apex Gaming.

Before the beginning of 2017 season, FeniX, Moon and several substitutes left Team Liquid. Two midlaners came to replace them: goldenglue and LiNk. Also, a Jungler (Reignover) and AD Carry (Piglet) joined the team

Team Liquid roster:

Samson «Lourlo» Jackson
Chae «Piglet» Gwang-jin
Matt «Matt» Elento
Kim «Reignover» Ui-jin
Grayson «goldenglue» Gilmer

Austing «LiNk» Shin (reserve)
Brandon «Saintvicious» DiMarco (coach)