Rumors: Team Liquid gathered a roster for North America LCS Spring 2017

Team Liquid gathered League of Legends roster for participation at the spring season of North America LCS 2017. The resources of esports portal ESPN announce that next year two members of Team Liquid  academy and a new member of the club Kim «Reignover» Ui-jin will play for the team.

Also, the resources of the esports portal announce that at the upcoming season of North America LCS 2017, Greyson «Goldenglue» Gilmer (playing at Mid Lane position) and Chae «Piglet» Gwang-jin (AD carry champion of the world) will join Team Liquid roster. Previously, these players were the members of Team Liquid Academy, but in spring, they are going to take positions in the main roster.

The basis of Team Liquid are Samson «Lourlo» Jackson who plays at Top Lane and Matt «Matt» Elento, the Support of the team. These players remain to be in the main roster for Team Liquid. According to rumors, Kim «Reignover» Ui-jin, ex-player of Immortals, will join the team at Jungler position. These rumors appeared about a month ago. Currently, this information has not been proved by the organization.

Supposed roster Team Liquid:

Kim «Reignover» Ui-jin — Jungler
Samson «Lourlo» Jackson — Top Lane
Matt «Matt» Elento — Support
Chae «Piglet» Gwang-jin — AD Carry
Greyson «Goldenglue» Gilmer — Mid Lane