Rumors: FlyQuest signed Fly

Esports portal ESPN announced that FlyQuest created a roster to participate in NA LCS league.

Lee «Flame» Ho-jong, William «Stunt» Chen, Jason «WildTurtle» Tran and Andy «AnDa» Hoang will also participate in FlyQuest roster except for Song «Fly» Yong-jun.

Flame, Stunt and AnDa already have an experience of playing in one team. Previously, they played together for Immortals. Flame took the position of top laner. Stunt was a reserve support, and AnDa was a reserve jungler.

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FlyQuest became one of 10 esports organizations that got slots in NA LCS league. American basketball club Milwaukee Bucks is the owner of FlyQuest.

FlyQuest roster:

Song «Fly» Yong-jun
Lee «Flame» Ho-jong
William «Stunt» Chen
Jason «WildTurtle» Tran
Andy «AnDa» Hoang