Royal Never Give Up signed Koro1

The transfer between Royal Never Give Up and EDward Gaming has happened, as its result Tong «Koro1» Yang has moved under the colors of Royal Never Give Up.

The information about the sum of the deal is not publicized. Besides Koro1, such players as Wang «Wuxx» Cheng, Wang «y4» Nong-mo and Hu «Y1HAN» Zhi-wei joined Royal Never Give Up.

It is unknown at this moment if Koro1 replaces someone from the starting roster or remains on the bench of substitutes.

Tong «Koro1» Yang has played for EDward Gaming on the TopLane position since February 2014. While being on the roster of EDward Gaming, Koro1 won the following tournaments: LPL Spring 2014, LPL Summer 2014, 2015 Mid-Season Invitational, LPL Spring 2015 and LPL Spring 2016. EDward Gaming together with Koro1 held the 3rd place at LPL Spring 2017.

Before joining to Royal Never Give Up, Wang «Wuxx» Cheng played for Royal Club. Wuxx has already had the experience of playing for this team: Wang Cheng was one of the players of the 1st LoL Royal Never Give Up’s roster from May 2015 to December 2016. Wang «y4» Nong-mo previously played for such teams as Star Horn Royal Club and ZTR Gaming. Hu «Y1HAN» Zhi was not previously noticed in the roster of any professional team.

The roster of Royal Never Give Up was created in 2015. During the time of its existence, the team became the champion of 2015 NESO, 2016 LPL Spring Playoffs and held the 2nd place at 2016 LPL Summer Playoffs and 2017 LPL Spring Playoffs.

The roster of Royal Never Give Up:

Yan «LetMe» Jun-Ze (TopLaner)
Liu «mIxg» Shi-yu (Jungler)
Hu «Y1HAN» Zhi-wei (Jungler)
Li «Xiaohu» Yuan-Hao (MidLaner)
Jian «Uzi» Zi-Hao (AD Carry)
Wang «Wuxx» Cheng (AD Carry)
Wang «y4» Nong-mo (AD Carry)
Shi «Ming» Sen-Ming (Support)

Tong «Koro1» Yang (TopLaner, sub)
Wnag «BayBay» You-Chun (Jungler, sub)
Tao «Again» Heng (MidLaner, sub)