ROCCAT and Origen will re-qualify for the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split!

Origen, the team we've all known and saw at Worlds 2015, sadly didn't make it to the playoffs to the next Worlds. However, a silver lining for them and ROCCAT have been given as they will not be relegated to the EUCS, the lower-tier league of the EULCS. They will play and fight for another split in 2017.

It's been pretty straightforward for these two as both ROCCAT and Origen have defeated Millenium in order form them to keep their EULCS slot. It's unclear, however, if these two teams want to have a roster change for a change of pace, but we'll bring you the latest development on this once we have confirmation (if ever). Both camps didn't have anything official as a team to say as for re-qualifying, but it's pretty certain that they'd still want to bring back the former glory that both of these teams have in their arsenal.

ROCCAT vs Milenium match: ROCCAT vs MSF 2017 EU LCS Re-Qualifying Match Finals

Origen vs Millenium match: OG vs MSF 2017 EU LCS Re-Qualifying Match Finals 

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