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Team Liquid signed Adrian «Adrian» Ma. The organization should have paid a penalty for Phoenix1, where Adrian played during Spring Split 2017.

Additionally, Team Liquid announced that Adrian will join a roster on the 8th week of North America LCS Spring Split 2017 and will compete with Matt for the place in the starting roster.

For the first time, Adrian Ma participated in North America LCS in 2015 in Team Impulse roster. In a year, he moved to Immortals and took the third place in Spring Split 2016. Before 2017 season, Adrian joined Phoenix1 before 2017 season started.

Currently, Team Liquid is on the last place in North America LCS Spring Split 2017 with 3 wins and 9 loses.

Team Liquid roster:

Samson «Lourlo» Jackson
Kim «Reignover» Ui-jin
Chae «Piglet» Gwang-jin
Yiliang «Doublelift» Peng
Matt «Matt» Elent

Adrian «Adrian» Ma (sub)
Jung «Youngbin» Young-bin (sub)
Lyonel «Arcsecond» Pfaender (sub)
Grayson «Goldenglue» Gilmer (sub)
Austin «LiNk» Shin (sub)
Kevin Koo «KonKwon» Hyuk Kwon (sub)