Origen owner became a support player of the team

Owner of the esports organization Origen Enrique «xPeke» Cedeño Martínez became a support player of the team.

Recently, the information appeared that Enrique «xPeke» Cedeño Martínez who is the owner of the organization joined a main roster of League of Legends team taking Jungler position.

xPeke has already played for Origen before. It happened in a match against Misfits on lolesports.com site. Enrique was a stand-in for Hiiva, after the organization tore a contract with player on March 1.

Currently, the management of Origen did not announce whether the player will stay with the team till the end of Spring split.

Previously, AS portal announced that Origen will say goodbye not only to Hiiva but also to Wisdom. They expected that the situation will change when Cinkrof joins the team, but he decided not to transfer to Origen. Origen paid a penalty to ThunderX3 Baskonia and made a complaint to them to Riot Games.

Origen roster:

Max «Satorius» Günther
Kim «Wisdom» Tae-wan
Yoo «NaeHyun» Nae-hyun
Erik «Tabzz» van Helvert
Enrique «xPeke» Cedeño Martínez