LGD Gaming is left without 4 players

The organization completed its LoL roster for a new season, having removed 4 players from it.

Such players as Li «Funny» Yuan-Hui, Park «Croc» Jong-hoon, Chen «sukiM» Zhi-yuan and Tang «1ntruder» Sheng left LGD Gaming. Yu «Cool» Jia-Jun joined the team.

Cool, Funny, sukiM and Croc were in the team as substitutes. The management of LGD Gaming decided that players would have to leave the organization and Cool would be able to hold a position on the main roster. Funny, sukiM and Croc are free agents now. In his turn, Tang «1ntruder» Sheng moved to other organization. He will continue his career of cyber-sportsman in Young Glory.

Only one substitute player — Wei «Godv» Zhen is left in the team. The cyber-sportsman was forced to leave the main roster due to his disease.

The League of Legends roster of LGD Gaming was created in 2012. The team participated in LPL in 2014, but, despite this, could get to World Championship only at once. This happened in 2015. LGD Gaming could not get higher than the 9th-11th place at World Championship 2015. The 1st place at 2015 LPL Summer, the 2nd place at 2015 LPL Spring, NEST 2016 and 2014 National Electronics Sports Open and, also, the 3rd-4th place at G-League 2014 can be mentioned as important achievements of the team.

LGD Gaming finished its participation at last two seasons of LPL LGD Gaming in a lower part of the table. As a result, the team was under regular pressure and had to fight for the right to participate in further seasons of LPL. Despite this, LGD could protect its right to participate in LPL in both cases.

The roster of LGD Gaming

Lim «Jinoo» Jin-woo (TopLaner)
Xie «Eimy» Dan (Jungler)
Yu «Cool» Jia-jun (MidLane)
Gu «imp» Seung-bin (AD Carry)
Chen «Pyl» Bo (Support)