Karsa left Flash Wolves

Hung «Karsa» Hau-Hsuan, the Jungler, made a decision to say farewell to Flash Wolves esports club because of the more lucrative offer. There’s no information where Hung will move, but Flash Wolves have already confirmed information that he leaves. Also, the coach of the team Lin «Cyo» Hsin-Yu and the analyst Chou «Steak» Lu-His left the team.

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Karsa was a member for Flash Wolves since January 2015 and he helped the team to take the first place on IEM Season XI — World Championship. League of Legends and the second place on Intel Extreme Masters Season XI Oakland. Also, the team won both splits of LMS and got to the World Championship, but did not manage to pass the group stage and took 16 place.

Flash Wolves current roster:

Yu «MMD» Li-Hong
Huang «Maple» Yi-Tang
Hu «SwordArT» Shuo-Chieh
Lu «Betty» Yu-Hung