GIGABYTE Marines lost Stark and Slay

GIGABYTE Marines announced they terminated the cooperation with Phan «Stark» Cong Minh and Nguyen «Slay» Ngoc Hung.

Phan Cong Minh and Nguyen Ngoc Hung left the team because of personal reasons. Currently, it is unknown who will replace them in GIGABYTE Marines roster for Spring Split. Stark took the toplaner position, and Slay was AD Carry.

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Phan «Stark» Cong Minh joined GIGABYTE Marines in March, 2017. Before participation on Mid-Season Invitational 2017, the player has almost no experience in playing on the professional arena. Nguyen «Slay» Ngoc Hung joined the team in December 2016.

GIGABYTE Marines roster:

Đỗ «Levi» Duy Khánh
Trần «Optimus» Văn Cường
Trần «Archie» Minh Nhựt