FORG1VEN will play in the Greek LoL league

One of the most famous Greek players in League of Legends, FORG1VEN will participate in Spring Split Greek Championship 2017.

Konstantinos «FORG1VEN» Tzortziou thinks that he has to continue his training because he can receive the invitation from a team from another region at any moment. Also, the eSportsman has informed that he will consider all offers, except offers, which will be from European organizations. Konstantinos has said that he is satisfied with life in Greece and will not make any fast decisions.

FORG1VEN had been playing in H2k-Gaming from the beginning of the previous season but he left the team after unsatisfying results. Then the player moved to Origen. FORG1VEN left Origen after the first week of Spring Split 2016.

After one of the H2k-Gaming players had been injured, FORG1VEN substituted him and finished EU LCS Summer Split 2016 at the 3rd place and could get to the semi-final of World Championship 2016. After the World Championship had come to the end, Konstantinos left the team and started streaming, also he became the commentator of LGC.