Fnatic gathered a new League of Legends roster for 2017

European esports organization Fnatic has signed 5 players who will play in European League Championship Series 2017.

These players are Paul «sOAZ» Boyer and Maurice «Amazing» Stückenschneider who have previously played for Origen. Also, ex- Dark Passage player, Rasmus «Caps» Winther, joined the roster to play at mid lane position. Jesse «Jesiz» Le is a new support of the team. Previously, he was a coach assistant of the American team Immortals. Martin «Rekkles» Larsson joined the team for the position of AD carry and renewed contract with Fnatic.

Fnatic new roster:

Paul «sOAZ» Boyer — Top Lane
Maurice «Amazing» Stückenschneider — Jungler
Rasmus «Caps» Winther — Mid Lane
Jesse «Jesiz» Le — Support
Martin «Rekkles»  Larsson — AD Carry