Flash Wolves made changes in roster

On June 12, Betty and MMD were suspended from matches, and Karsa left the main roster. The management of Flash Wolves decided to reveal the details of the situation.

It turned out, that Lu «Betty» Yuhung and Lihong «MMD» Yu consumed alcohol in karaoke bar. Lu «Betty» Yuhung is still a minor.

The third player, Lu «Betty» Yuhung told the management right after MSI 2017, that is was too difficult for him to play on such a high level. Thus, the management of the organization decided to suspend Hung Hau-Hsuan for an indefinite time because of the psychological problems. Now, the esportsman is still listed in the roster but as an inactive. Chen «REFRA1N» Kuan-Ting replaced him in a main roster.

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Flash Wovles roster:

Lihong «MMD» Yu (TopLaner)
Chen «REFRA1N» Kuan-Ting (Jungler)
Huang «Maple» Yi-Tang (MidLaner)
Lu «Betty» Yuhung (AD Carry)
Hu «SwordArt» Shuo-Jie (Support)