Febiven plays for H2k-Gaming again

H2k-Gaming mid player Ryu «Ryu» Sang-wook decided to leave the roster so the management of organization decided to look for the substitution. The takes decision was to return Fabian «Febiven» Diepstraten to the roster

Fabian has been playing for H2k-Gaming since June 2014  to January 2015, but then he received a good offer from Fnatic and joined more prestigious organization. He managed to win EU LCS 2015 Spring Playoffs and EU LCS 2015 Summer Playoffs.

Recently, Konstantinos «FORG1VEN» Tzortziou and Aleš «Freeze» Kněžínek left the team, and Marcin «Jankos» Jankowski  and Andrei «Odoamne» Pascu renewed the contracts. Currently, only Oskar «VandeR» Bogdan  did not decide his future relations with the team.

H2k-Gaming current roster:

Andrei «Odoamne» Pascu
Marcin «Jankos» Jankowski