FC «Schalke 04» signed a new League of Legends roster

Football club Shalke 04 announced signing a new League of Legends roster on the official Facebook page.

A new roster consists of Lennart «SmittyJ» Warkus, who currently plays of Top Lane position, Jean-Victor «Loulex» Burgevin, who plays on Jungler position, Marci «SELFIE» Wolski, playing on Mid Lane, AD Carry Elias «Upset» Lipp and Support Oskar «VandeR» Bogdan.

A new roster of Shalke 04 will take place in the European Challenger series.

Previously, this news appeared on ESPN esports portal which the reference of sources close to the team. However, in this news Satorius was mentioned instead of SmittyJ who joined the team to play on Top Laner position. A little bit later, Reddit published a post with the proof that Satorius really communicated with Shalke 04, but decided not to leave the Origen. He has been already a member of the team, but the contract was not signed. On January 2, the player and the team officially consolidated the relations.

SmittyJ and Upset previously played together in GIANTS! Gaming. Oskar «VandeR» Bogdan was a substitute in H2k-Gaming. Loulex played in Unicorns of Love, and SELFIE was a member of Misfits till the end of the last year.

The previous Shalke 04 roster was dismissed in October - December 2016. A part of the team moved to Paris Saint-Germain while other player transferred to eUnited, and one player became a member of Fnatic Academy.

Schalke 04 new roster:

Lennart «SmittyJ» Warkus
Jean-Victor «Loulex» Burgevin
Marci «SELFIE» Wolski
Elias «Upset» Lipp
Oskar «VandeR» Bogdan