Ex-players of NA LCS will get $12,000,000 from Riot Games

Riot Games announced that they will compensate for ex-participants of NA LCS and NA Challenger lost slots in 2017/2018 season.

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Esports portal ESPN.com, revealed information that Immortals that recently lost one player would get the biggest compensation - $2,800,000.

Full list of compensations for participants:

Team Splits played Payout
Immortals 4 $,2,857,143
Team Envy 3 $2,571,429
Phoenix1 3 $2,571,429
Team Dignitas 2 $1,714,286
eUnited 2 $571,429
Gold Coin United 2 $571,429
Big Gods Jackals 2 $571,429
Tempo Storm 2 $571,429
    Total: $12,000,000

In 2018, NA LCS will become a franchise. It means that the revenue from the league will be equally shared between the players, organizations and Riot Games company. 10 teams will get permanent places in NA LCS.