Cloud 9 Challenger and Team Liquid Academy has qualified for the NALCS Promotions!

It has been a straightforward year for the sub-clubs of Cloud 9 and Team Liquid, Cloud 9 Challenger and Team Liquid Academy, as they've gone and beaten the other 4 contenders and each other to the limit in order to secure a spot of the Spring promotion. Getting there was somewhat easy for both teams, as the standings clearly show.

The NACS, or the North America Challenger Series, is the league where it's preceeded by the NALCS, or North American League Championship Series, the top-premier championship of North America's League of Legends professional scene. Cloud 9 Challenger and Team Liquid Academy are both sub-teams from big organizations, so it was pretty certain they would do well against the other new and untested teams.

Cloud 9 Challenger, this split, is totally insane. The roster is comprised of 80% of the players from the Cloud 9 2015 Worlds Championship roster, the NA team that shattered all expectations in the group stages made it farther than anyone from the region. Cloud 9's former player who would like to take it easy for a bit and is/or is not playing as well as they used to be is in Cloud 9 Challenger.

Hai, the ever-so-popular former Cloud 9 main Mid-laner is the current Mid-laner of the team, Balls, the former Top-laner of Cloud 9 (who also got the most awesome Darius Pentakill at Worlds 2015) is C9 Challenger's Top-lane. There's also sound names of players that were popular in 2015, such as LemonNation, Altec, and even Bunny FuFuu. They're all there and they're all dominating in the NACS as the team they're now in as Cloud 9 Challenger,

Team Liquid Academy is the sub-team of Team Liquid, with players somewhat similar to C9C, they're all former players of Team Liquid and some returnees of Team Curse. Some well known players such as Piglet (Team Liquid had him move to TLA as Team Liquid had only placed 4th under his AD position), Goldenglue, etc. 

The playoffs were also pretty straightforward. In the end, there was never really any doubt that these two would meet in the Finals, but it was a surprise that Cloud 9 Challenger had swept 3-2 with Team Liquid Academy, but it was one heck of a fight that was really on point with the expectation of the fans. The Spring 2017 NALCS Promotions will be held soon enough. As one may recall, Misfits and Millenium had already won their share over in EU. Time will tell if they will advance to the NALCS!

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