Humor was not appreciated - Zeros was kicked from the team and banned from VCS Spring 2021 for joke about coronavirus

The organizers of the Vietnamese League of Legends League, VCS Spring 2021, have decided to disqualify one of the SBTC Esports team players Pham 'Zeros' Min Lok. On the air, the esportsman joked that he would not mind at all if the situation with the coronavirus worsened.

After that, the VCS Spring 2021 leadership announced on their Twitter account that Zeros received a permanent ban for saying inappropriate things on the air. His team, by the way, took fourth place in the league. Since Pham Min Lok could not take first place in the league with his team, and the winner will receive an invitation to the Mid-Season Invitational 2021 in Iceland, the esportsman said that the spread of COVID-19 could prevent the triumphant from going to MSI 2021. Such frankness and joke no one appreciated, and SBTC Esports, in which Zeros played, immediately ended their cooperation with the Vietnamese player.

Such a turn of events could very much prevent Zeros from continuing his career in League of Legends. It started in 2016 and in five years, Pham Min Lok has earned almost $ 50,000 in prize money.