Leviatan Esports signed three League of Legends players

The leadership of the Argentine eSports organization announced the signing of several League of Legends players. The team was joined by Mateo Alejandro 'Buggax' Aroztegui Zamora, Manuel 'Pancake' Scala and Pedro 'Lyonz' Luis Peralta.


The last club that Buggax played under was KRU Esports. He was listed there from January 13 to March 23 this year. The e-sportsman managed to take part in the Liga Master Opening 2022 and took 11th place with his teammates and earned a small reward of $287. Mateo's career began in 2014 and in 8 years he managed to overcome the mark of $36,000 in prize money earned. He has victories in four tournaments of the LLA Opening/LLA Closing series in 2019 and 2021.

Pan cake

Manuel 'Pancake' Skala joined Leviatan straight from the All Knights. Together with the latter, he took 7th place two months ago in the LLA Opening 2022. His journey as a professional player in League of Legends began at the very end of 2018 and Manuel earned more than $8,500 over 3 years of his career. His path in the world of esports is limited to three clubs: Bring It On, All Knights and Leviatan, where the 21-year-old player will now play.


Pedro 'Lyonz' Luis Peralta started his LoL career in January 2018. He played in various clubs and until recently had a total earnings of $3,000 in prize money, but participation in the LMF 2022 Opening Playoffs changed this situation. There, together with his comrades from River Plate, the e-sportsman took 5-8th place in the standings and took a reward of $91,000 with the team. Thus, Lyonz almost reached the mark of $20,000 in prize money.

Where Leviatan Esports will perform in the near future is currently unknown. So far, the players will train and prepare for performances.

Leviatan Esports' updated League of Legends roster looks like this: