Xerxe is officially back with Astralis

Danish esports organization Astralis has announced that it has strengthened its League of Legends roster by signing a contract with Xerxe. Recall that the 22-year-old Romanian esportsman has already played for the team at the end of 2020.

Today Astralis announces the signing of Xerxe as he returns as our team's jungler. Xerxe played briefly for Astralis from September to November 2020 and is returning as a jungler for the 2022 LEC Summer Split after three splits at Immortals in the North American LCS.

Xerxe spent the last year and a half as part of Immortals, together with whom he took 5-6th place in the LCS Summer 2021, and also failed at the last LCS Spring 2022. At the same time, the 22-year-old Romanian esportsman managed to try on Astralis jersey, albeit not played a single official match for the team.

I had worked with Xerxe before and part of the coaching staff also knew him, which influenced our decision towards him when the opportunity arose. Xerxe debuted in 2016 and here, six years later, he is still playing at the highest level, which speaks volumes about his qualities as a player.

During the conversation with him, it was also clear that Andrei is very motivated to write a new story and prove that heis much stronger than previous splits showed.

AoD, Astralis coach

It should be noted that on the eve of the Danish club announced the signing of Vizicsacsi, thus closing the position of the top player with an experienced player with a rich history. Now Astralis has to find a support, whose role was left free after the departure of promisq in March.

From now on, the Astralis roster in League of Legends is as follows: