Giants Esports changed their League of Legends roster

The leadership of the eSports organization pleased its fans with the changes made in the team. They strive not to sit still and bring something new to achieve good results, and therefore they decided to release Stend from duties to the club. With his departure, one more place was vacated in the team and two vacant slots were occupied by Keduii and Advienne who came.

Paul 'Stend' Lardin joined Giants Esports on January 4 this year and was with the club until April 22. He managed to perform with his teammates in only one event. As part of the LVP Superliga Spring 2022, they played quite badly and took 7th place in the standings. Considering that there were 3 prizes and 10 participants, this result cannot be called good. Most likely this was the reason for the changes made in the roster.

Tim 'Keduii' Willers joined Giants Esports straight from BIG, where he played for four months. He, in turn, managed to take fourth place at Prime League Spring 2022 as part of the German organization and fell short of third place, for which the organizers gave an invite to European Masters 2022, the next major European League of Legends tournament with a prize pool of €150,000 EU (≃$162,535).

As for the second player who arrived, Henk 'Advienne' Reijenga used to be inactive in Excel Esports for almost four months. The last tournament in which he played as part of that organization was LEC Summer 2021. There the team took 7th place out of 10 possible. Giants Esports newcomers started their careers in 2018 and 2019, respectively, and so far have not been able to stand out in the professional League of Legends scene with any impressive results.

The updated Giants Esports roster is as follows: