Changes in the coaching staff of Atleta Esport

Atleta Esport is an Italian League of Legends esports team that entered the professional scene in 2021. The current roster of the team includes XoNix and MightyDragon, famous Ukrainian players from the LCL region. 3 days ago, the team completed its first split in the new season of PG Nationals 2022 Spring, the fifth season of a series of regular tournaments for Italy's top teams. In which she won 1st place, having won the Macko Esports tournament with a score of 3: 0. The next competition for Atleta Esport will be the European Masters 2022 - the fifth season of the series of tournaments organized by Riot Games and ESL, for European teams that have passed the qualifying round of national championships. The prize fund of the spring season will be 150,000 EUR.

Before the start of the next tournament, two coaches joined Atleta Esport. Thomas Phoma Kifle as head coach and Ettore Evan van Loon as strategic coach.

The current roster of Atleta Esport players has remained unchanged: