Jay gets a life ban for match-fixing

Riot Games issued a lifetime ban to Jay for participating in match-fixing. The former mid-laner of LGD Gaming was found to be involved in violation of the rules of competitive integrity, which was shown by checks on the player, initiated by both the organization and Riot Games.

On April 5, as soon as the LGD Gaming esports club reported that player Chen Bo (Jay) was suspected of violating the rules, the League of Legends Professional Gaming Discipline Administration team set up a special investigation team and launched an in-depth investigation into the relevant situation.

Based on investigation and evidence gathering, verification with relevant and interested parties, the League of Legends Professional Gaming Discipline Management team has determined:

LGD Gaming esports club player Chen Bo (Jay) has behaved inappropriately, which affects the competitive integrity of the LDL, and is involved in illegally organized betting on League of Legends matches.

Based on this, based on the facts, nature, circumstances and other evidence, the disciplinary team took the following penalties:

Chen Bo (Jay) will no longer be eligible to compete in professional and semi-professional competitions organized by Tencent, Tencent and Riot Games in any region of the world in any capacity. In addition, the player will be prohibited from conducting any broadcasts related to League of Legends.

Recall that Riot Games launched an investigation on April 5, when it suspected Jay of cheating. Correspondence was later discovered in which a 22-year-old Chinese player negotiated with an outsider to lose several matches of the LPL Spring 2022 in order to benefit from betting.

In turn, the eSports club LGD Gaming will not incur any punishment, since the organization suspended the player, reported the violation, and also took an active part in the investigation.