LGD Gaming's Jay suspected of match-fixing

Chen "Jay" Bo, a mid laner on China's League of Legends team LGD Gaming, has come under scrutiny for suspected match-fixing. With incriminating reports that have surfaced claiming that he has been in contact with outsiders to deliberately lose some LPL tournament matches this season. LGD Gaming announced that they have informed the LPL Disciplinary Committee of the matter and will also conduct an internal investigation.

The notarized collection of information has been completed. The current goal of the investigation for LGD was to be able to report this to the official League of Legends disciplinary committee as soon as possible. The information monitoring center will cooperate with the investigation and complete the internal review as soon as possible in order to dot the i's and give everything a fair result.

Chen "Jay" Bo is a Leagoe of Legends esports player since 2018, joined LGD Gaming in December 2021. Chen Bo was suspended from gaming sessions during the LGD investigation.